Friday, 29 January 2010

The holy grail

Finally. A Baillon's Crake.

This little bird has eluded me for 25 years, my bird-watching life. I was always at the right place too late, or too lazy to travel to the right place at the right time, but this week one of our bird club members led a group of us to the right place at the right time. And there they were, five of them, on a wetland in the middle of Geelong.

It was overcast and drizzling but we were able to see them clearly moving around the reeds and rushes within three metres of us. We saw them flying, with their legs dangling, from one shelter to the next. We watched them chase each other across reeds lying flat on the water's surface. And we were surprised at how little they are. They were beautiful but our wonderful guide told us we should see them in full sunlight when their colours are truly stunning so I'll go back, when it's sunny.


Anonymous said...

Where is the photo????????????.
It is just like me saying I saw a paradise parrot at the Buckley Falls mill on the Barwon. I think your bloggites want PROOF, not scant throw away lines like you have published.

Boobook said...

Dear fellow bloggites
Ignore the above. Unfortunately I had no say in the choice of brothers-in-law.

Denis Wilson said...

Ah, yes, but he speaks truthfully of my disappointment,
Mind you I have been known to "report" a sighting on occasions, without a photo.
We do trust you, though Boobook.
I have memories of these little birds when they were known as "Little Crakes" back in the mid 1960s when Lake Burley Griffin (in Canberra) was filling for the first time.
A slatey blue throat, from memory. And yes, very small.
I look forward to a return visit on a good day, so you can get that image - for all of our sakes.

Anonymous said...

Well I believe you too and it was lovely to read of your sighting. I think you once made a positive comment when I posted a story without an accompanying photo ....... sometimes just being there and enjoying the bird is more important than worrying about taking a photo.