Sunday, 2 September 2007

Hidden valley (2)

Bridge over Moorabool River

We had enjoyed a busy Fathers' Day. It was getting late in the afternoon, the light was fading, but we decided to look for another view (see previous blog entry) of the roadworks for the new freeway over the Moorabool River at Fyansford. After parking the car at a likely spot and walking about a kilometre we came to the west bank of the river and saw this below us. Success at last! A newly-arrived Clamorous Reedwarbler was singing loudly in the vegetation below us, ducks were swimming on the river and all around us birds were calling. A pair of Black-fronted Dotterels were on the edge of a water-storage dam for the roadworks. All this proves something. Maybe it is evidence that wildlife will fill niches whatever is going on around them?

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