Tuesday, 6 November 2007

Happy birthday to me

As far as birthdays go it wasn't up at the top of the excitement list. For one, I'm getting way too close to moving into my seventh decade; two, I had to work all day even though it was Cup Day; three, I had to rush home from work, cook a meal and then go out to chair a meeting.

But, two things happened that made my day great. When I got home this afternoon I found Phil and our neighbour weeding my back garden. (They didn't have to go to work on Cup Day.) I manage to keep the weeds at bay in the parts of the garden that are on show but the back is a bit of a disaster. It's looking quite respectable now. And, the second great thing that happened was that while they were weeding they found a Pobblebonk Frog Limnodynastes dumerili, burrowed into the soil under the mulch. We have never, ever, heard a Pobblebonk (I love saying that word) calling from in our yard, but we used to hear one calling from a pond that was briefly in the houseyard next door. Maybe it's the same frog. Normally our garden is very dry because we live on a north-facing slope – it's wet at the moment because we have had a lot of rain over the last few days - but this frog didn't look like he was passing through. Of course I had to take his photo, even though I didn't really have time and it was getting dark.
Pobblebonk Frog


Duncan said...

Happy birthday Boobook, the frog was a nice present. There is one calling incessantly in the dam next door after the recent heavy rain.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday Boobook. Like Duncan, there is a chorus of frogs here at the moment too. I don't know my frog calls I'm ashamed to say, but there are three distinct calls coming from our dam - absolutely wonderful.

dinahmow said...

A bit late for birthday wishes, but I saw your comment at my blog and came over (down? you are south of me!)
Great you have a frog! Here (Mackay) nowhere near as many as at the former home, inland from Gold Coast, but I remember the pobblebonks and others.