Friday, 23 November 2007

Pieces of colour

The group of friends meet at my house each week to quilt and chat, discuss new projects, show progress in current projects, share ideas. We've all known each other a long time, and we hate to miss a week of getting together. My current project is a wallhanging and its working title is Azolla on the Pond. The three layers are now tacked together and I'm hand-quilting it, so it's not far off binding to finish and hang.

Unfinished quilt

I was starting to think the colours were a bit dramatic but then yesterday I saw this little lake of still water at Gateway Sanctuary, Leopold. Azolla is a tiny free-floating aquatic fern that multiplies very quickly in its favoured still water. Its leaves can be green through to red in colour. This patch was a lovely red-purple and completely covered the lake.


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