Saturday, 13 December 2008


Both of these little grasshoppers were on an eremophila in my garden today. I don't have a good reference to find out what they are. The brown one was about 2 cm long and the green one shorter (if you don't count its very long feelers).


Boobook said...

The green one is a katydid - apparently the very long feelers are diagnostic.

Denis Wilson said...

Hi Boobook
Sorry to be slow to visit your site - I was away for a few days.
There is a page on various brown Grasshoppers in the Chew Family's Brisbane Insects and Spiders. website.
Good work with your Herbarium. I am sure it will become a valuable resource for other naturalists, at some stage.
Such things often end up in local Natural History centres, or museums, or University Botany Depts, or similar, and become great treasures.
Congratulations. Unfortunately I do not have sufficient botanical background to undertake such a challenge. But it can be very important. But you may need to take a small part of rare plants. I am sure the "experts" would endorse you doing that. Talk to them, and you would probably be granted a collectors permit.