Friday, 12 December 2008


Joy, oh joy! It's raining :-D

We've had the wettest day for the year, and possibly the wettest for December ever. I'm happy, my garden's happy, the bush and grasslands will be respond wonderfully, tanks and dams are full. It's been lovely steady rain so it's soaking in beautifully instead of running off into the stormwater drains. More to come.

Unfortunately though, here in Geelong, today is the day they are having a big community day on the first two sections of the new ring road prior to it opening to traffic tomorrow - Rotary and other service clubs have put in a lot of work to organise a fun walk, run or ride day. It's ironic really, because the construction is ahead of schedule because there haven't been many wet days!

Change of subject. One of the spots we visit on our Challenge Count route (see last blog) is Hospital Swamp near Lake Connewarre. It's not far off the beaten track and most people in Geelong wouldn't have been there because there are no picnic tables or grassed areas, but the view across the water to Geelong is fantastic. It's a good spot for birds as well. We saw a couple of brolgas near here.

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