Saturday, 17 July 2010

Helmet, bird, dwarf and trim - orchids of course.

Trevor emailed me a photo of a helmet orchid that he found near the Elliot Traps he'd set in the Inverleigh Flora and Fauna Reserve. "Meet me there at 8.30 in the morning?" he asked. So of course I went, along with several other friends. Sadly Trevor didn't trap any mammals in four days of trapping but we found four, maybe five, orchid species this morning.

Corybas diemenicus Veined Helmet Orchid

Pterostylis concinna Trim Greenhood

Pterostylis nana Dwarf Greenhood

Chiloglottis trapeziformis Dainty Wasp Orchid (or, Broad-lip Bird Orchid)

and, a mystery Corybas sp.

Update: The above is almost certainly a bud of Corybas incurvus Slaty Helmet Orchid. [Thanks Helen and Neil]

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