Monday, 19 July 2010

The mighty Murray

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The building of a bridge from Goolwa to Hindmarsh Island was hugely controversial so I was mindful and respectful of that as we drove across to have a look at the mouth of the Murray last week. Thankfully the bridge itself is quite beautiful.

There's a memorial to Charles Sturt on Hindmarsh Island, erected in 1980. "Hereabouts in February 1830 Sturt first saw the waters of Encounter Bay thus crowning his heroic voyage of discovery down the Murray River." We were somewhat shocked at the condition of the grounds around the memorial, the steps and the parking facilities. There is a dire need of a makeover.

The memorial also commemorates Collett Barker, a friend of Sturt, who was killed by local aborigines after he swam across the mouth of the Murray in the following year.

We drove to the beach on Hindmarsh Island that is the closest point to the mouth of the Murray. The Murray was open to the sea, just, two sand dredges were operating to keep it clear...and there were fishermen and their 4-wheel drive vehicles on the beach! Why oh why is this still allowed in some states? Hoodies don't stand a chance.

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mick said...

"Hoodies don't stand a chance" - and neither do a lot of other shorebirds and seabirds! The excuse used up here is that it has always been done and tourists expect it. What people don't seem to take into account is that the number of vehicles driving on the beach has increased so much that beach degradation is now horrific. Even when councils close parts of the beach and signpost it extensively drivers ignore it unless there is a ranger there to fine them:-)