Friday, 18 November 2011

A very large slug

We're in the middle of replacing a section of floor in the old farmhouse at Homerton and found this resident beneath the floorboards. I believe it is the large introduced Leopard Snail Limax maximus. I now have the correct identification. It's the introduced nocturnal Yellow Slug Limacus (Limax) flavus. See comments. (Thanks Snail.) This one was about 6 cm long. We used to find slug slime tracks across the carpet so hopefully the new floor will keep this creature outside.

Limax maximus Leopard Slug Yellow Slug Limacus flavus


Snail said...

I think it might be a yellow slug Limacus flavus (also known as Limax flavus, which is in the same family as the leopard slug. And definitely a big 'un!

Boobook said...

Thanks for the ID Snail. I thought you would know for sure:)

Stewart M said...

Hi there - what ever it is, its big!

Have a good weekend!

Stewart M - Melbourne.