Sunday, 22 March 2015


Fishing is a foreign place to me, but, for those who have 'the knowledge' Mallacoota is a major drawcard.

Pelicans and Silver Gulls know all about fishing as well. Or, at least, they know where fishermen clean their fish.

Pelicans at Mallacoota
Crested Terns and Silver Gulls dodging waves at Shipwreck Creek.
The gulls and terns at Shipwreck Creek were behaving more naturally, edging up and down the sand to keep their feet dry as each wave advanced. The creek, full of tannin, enters the sea at this delightful little sandy bay but it is named after the ship 'Schah' wrecked there in the 1837. The survivors of the wreck survived by walking north for five days along the coast to Twofold Bay at Eden!

Shipwreck Creek
Closer to Mallacoota we visited the astonishing Quarry Beach. The rocks here are 445 million years old, layers of different coloured sandstone now folded and faulted and eroded. It's a beautiful stretch of coastline that we will explore more thoroughly if we revisit this area.

A crab hiding between two of the eroded layers.

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Ken said...

Don't go there in summer school holidays unless you book and like crowds.

Otherwise did the walk from there to Nadgee in NSW and have always wanted to go back. The sailors who walked to Eden in 5 days were making excellent time.