Thursday, 19 March 2015

Mimosa Rocks

Bega Cheese Factory was disappointing because we couldn't see any of the actual cheese-making process like we have in several cheese factories in Tasmania but, on the plus side, the museum was interesting. So in the afternoon I was happy to leave the industrial to go and explore the natural on the Sapphire Coast of New South Wales.

Pick a spot, any spot. So we picked Mimosa Rocks. Good choice.

Mimosa Rocks National Park goes right to the sea. We drove to Mimosa Rocks on a dirt road through the dense bush and discovered that the banksia trees and other trees grow right to the edge of the beach. No low vegetation or heath at all. The beach at Mimosa Rocks is very rocky, with large round pebbles instead of sand on the 'beach' area and a small freshwater creek runs into the small bay. Aboriginals must have valued the area highly because there are very large middens beside the beach.

Mimosa Rocks
A banksia on the edge of the beach

Creative constructions on the beach. Someone must have started the trend
 and copycats have creatively continued the art.
Aragunna Beach, Mimosa Rocks NP
And just around the corner the beach is entirely different with no pebbles at all. Aragunna Beach and Mimosa Rocks both have small camping facilities and picnic tables but you wouldn't be able to get a large caravan in on the track.

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