Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Dinosaurs at Lark Quarry

Lark Quarry is a World Heritage site about 100 km south of Winton so went went to see what all the fuss is about. The road is sealed more than half way and the rest wasn't too bad so it was a good trip. The signs above had us confused because the road is wide, straight and flat but then we realised that the overtaking sections are sealed so it's much safer to pass where there is no dust or flying stones. Good idea - if all drivers are patient enough to wait for the next sealed section.

Lark Quarry is the site of dinosaur footprints - not just any old footprints, but three species of dinosaurs involved in a stampede. Scientists have measured and analysed and decided that the little species were minding their own business on a muddy spit in a lake or slow moving river when a very large dinosaur attacked them, causing them to run back past him on the spit.

The guide was good, the information boards excellent, the building impressive, the environment stunning. The excavated layer containing the prints are now covered in a state-of-the art and environmentally friendly building. The whole was awe-inspiring.

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