Saturday, 30 July 2011


I knew I was in the tropics when we pulled into the caravan park at Cloncurry and heard the sound of Varied Lorikeets and Brown Honeyeaters in the flowering eucalypts.

We're moving on tomorrow but we've had time to look at the original QANTAS hanger at the airport, to learn all about John Flynn and the Flying Doctor Service that started here, to picnic out at the dam close to town and chase down a couple of geocaches (I've discovered they take us to interesting spots we would never go to otherwise). As well as doing a bit of birdwatching.

Scarlet Percher Dragonfly

Little Corellas sharing the hay at Cloncurry sale yards.

Cattle Bush Trichidesma zeylanicum

Cloncurry River, after a flood. Many quite mature trees have been pushed over by the water.

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Blackened Sheep of Warrandyte said...

It's a bit disappointing in the drop-off of comments.
I suppose when the blog is on hold for nearly a month that images of Kerang swamp would have burnt into the screen while fellow bloggers waited for an update.

Anyhow we are enjoying the Geelong Grey Nomads wanderings so keep it up.