Friday, 15 July 2011

The Mitchell Highway

Cunnamulla, and it's raining again. The forecast is good but there are a lot of roads closed. We may need to change our plans again.

Yesterday as we drove east then north in sunshine we were entertained by the changing scenery, by numerous Black-shouldered Kites and Nankeen Kestrels wheeling, diving and propping to hover, by emus in numbers as well as kangaroos and goats and by meeting up with the same travellers in wayside stops and the bakery at Bourke.

At our lunch stop today, north of Bourke, a Spotted Bowerbird perched just above my head and stayed long enough for me to have a really good look. Pied Butcherbirds called all the time we were there and a pair of Pink Cockatoos preened each other. The Fairy-wrens were all in brown plumage and I couldn't tell whether they were Splendid or Variegated.

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Anonymous said...

Reading your last few 'travel' blogs has been particularly interesting. After our camping trip to Lawn Hill and Mt Isa this year we are inspired to do more travelling - so much wonderful country to see. We're enjoying your reports and look forward to more. Hope you have some sunny days soon.