Wednesday, 13 July 2011

The living desert

It's rained today in Broken Hill. Nice for the locals but a bit of a dampener on the spirits of travellers. I overheard a discussion in which one lady said she'd been to buy a doona and a waterproof coat and the other lady said she'd bought gumboots and the shopkeepers were happy with the extra sales. We also took the opportunity to stock up on items we had forgotten to pack or found we needed and visited a couple of galleries. We also checked out some of the local architecture - houses built with corrugated iron.

This afternoon the showers eased so we went out to the Living Nature Park and found it to be most impressive. It's very well maintained and a lot of the plants, many of which were flowering, were labelled. We only did the arboretum walk but I think the cultural walk would be well worth doing if the standard is the same.


Pearl Bluebush

Sturt's Desert-pea

Curly Mallee

Because of the rain we've been forced to change our plans. We were going to go to Tibooburra and Camerons Corner but the road is closed, and so is the road to Mutawintje NP. We've already been to White Cliffs and Cobar so we're going to do a full driving day tomorrow and go to Bourke instead.

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