Friday, 29 July 2011

Who'll come awaltzing matilda with me?

In Winton we visited the excellent Waltzing Matilda centre and read all the various theories about the origins of our national song, and then as we drove north to Cloncurry we called in to see Combo Waterhole on the Diamentina River near McKinlay. The claim is that Banjo visited the waterhole on Dagworth Station while he was staying there in 1895, and he would have also heard several stories around the big shearers' strike several years earlier. Anyway, it's a nice spot with some good information boards along the walking track.

At McKinlay itself we found this delightful little building, the smallest library in Queensland. Maybe that makes it the smallest in Australia! Unfortunately it's only open on Thursdays so we couldn't go inside.

Although we didn't see any signs saying so (and there should be) just north of McKinlay we passed out of the Eyre catchment into the Gulf of Carpentaria catchment because now all the rivers are running north(ish) instead of south(ish). For most of our 3000 km trip north we have only been in two river catchments - the Murray Darling and the Eyre. Amazing when you think about it.

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