Sunday, 26 August 2007

Can't see for looking

Yesterday Duncan at posted a photo of a tiny snail on an orchid - he only spotted the snail when he looked at his photos on the computer monitor. And check out this one by Pamela on August 17 at There's a lovely photo of a yellow spider that you can only see because it is eating a fly.
I've done the same thing. Missed seeing what is perfectly obvious when I see the photo on screen. I wonder sometimes if I'm blind to detail or concentrating too much on the technicalities of focus, shutter speed or in too much of a hurry. It's a nice surprise when it happens though. And an even better surprise is when the insect is actually in focus, accidentally. Here are some of my camouflaged invertebrates.

Caterpillar on Gompholobium

Caterpillar on Gompholobium2

Insect on Puffball

Insect on flower

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