Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Is this a good spot to park(2)?

The university campus is huge – lots of open spaces, lakes, planted woodland – so why have the Masked Lapwings chosen to nest in a small green surrounded closely by buildings? They are sitting on four eggs, and someone has put a chair over the nest, presumably to protect it from mowers and people taking short-cuts.
This week I have been supervising exams in a room next to the nest, and several of the students have been traumatised by having to dodge the attacking, vociferous plovers. I've been amused at the sight of a big, bulky 20-year-old baulking at walking the only footpath access to the exam room for fear of attack.

Masked Lapwing nesting close to buildings

The campus is looking good. It's been spruced-up because Open Day is coming up. Lawns have been mowed, shrubs trimmed, mulch spread. I hope the prospective students and their parents look beyond the environment to the quality of the education on offer and ask themselves 'Is this a good spot to park?' I think it is.

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