Saturday, 18 August 2007

Highrise living

Our son's unit is two stories high and the spouting was sprouting. Leaves and sticks had accumulated and because it hadn't been cleaned out for a while the debris had composted nicely. One short section can be accessed from the balcony so yesterday that was cleaned out and the garden will benefit from the extra mulch.
There was one surprise though. Amongst the rotting debris was a full-sized worm, an ordinary garden variety of worm. How did it get there? Worms don't climb brick walls do they? I'm thinking there are two possibilities. Maybe a worm egg was in dirt on the foot of a bird and dropped off when the bird perched on the spouting. Or maybe a bird had a worm in its beak and it, or a piece of it, dropped into the spout. [See my previous blog, July 1 2007, re worms]
Any comments?

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