Sunday, 17 August 2008

Gum Flat Road

A bunch of us went to the bush area behind Anglesea on the Great Ocean Road, to explore the heath and forest. It rained most of the day but we were able to find lots of evidence that spring is just around the corner. Many shrubs were just starting to flower or were in bud, orchid leaves everywhere and a few flowering. The Ironbarks were still flowering well and many had a mass of their flowers on the ground below because they'd been visited by parrots. Anglesea is one of my favourite places in this area - or maybe in the whole world actually.

We went to Gum Flat Road first and then via Bald Hills Road to the Distillery Picnic Ground. Unfortunately I had to leave after lunch so I couldn't visit the nearby Ironbark Gorge with the rest of the group.

There were a few reminders that it's still winter - fungi, mosses and liverworts.

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Mosura said...

Excellent photos.

Many signs of spring here.