Sunday, 24 August 2008

Point Lonsdale surprise

How did I miss this? There are two large blocks, next door to each other, right in the middle of Point Lonsdale. And I didn't know they were there.
One, called 'Ballara', belonged to Deakin (the Prime Minister) and the other, called 'Arilpa', to his son-in-law Bookes. The vegetation is remarkably intact, and the Swan Bay Environment Association has been given permission to collect seed there and survey for orchids (about 12 species I think).
Is it possible that both blocks will be preserved intact in the future? They must be worth squillions.

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BCFNC said...

I visited this site some years ago, invited by a Deakin descendent who was part of the group who owned the land and house. I sat in Deakins library , surrounded by his books , and the feeling was quite eerie. It was like stepping back in time . I wonder whether the family still own the property .