Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Look what they've done to the hills

Around here we refer to The Hills, meaning the Barrabool Hills west of Geelong. If you drive to Hamilton on the Mortlake Road the high, rolling hills are on your left. There is only one township on the hills, a little historical place called Ceres that doesn't even boast a shop.

And now they're building a ring road between Geelong and Ceres, cutting a giant swathe through the landscape so that people from Melbourne wanting to get down to their holiday cottage on the Great Ocean Road can get there a bit quicker and we residents down have to put up with them. OK, I may be exaggerating, there may be a few more reasons that that, and they may be important reasons, but the ring road that we thought we wanted is certainly making a statement.

The discerning reader might notice that the clouds in the two photos are the same - I drove to a less busy spot away from powerlines for the second one.


Denis Wilson said...

Oh dear. I remember that road well. As a former South-west Victorian Regional Tourist Officer, I was based in Hamilton, and co-operated closely with my Geelong colleague.
I hate to see such "progress" carving up the tranquil rural scenes. Yuck!

Peceli and Wendy's Blog said...

Ceres is a quaint little spot and has an identity of its own.
I love those rolling hills west of Geelong. They have a kind of Brigadoon look about them as if they might disappear in the mist. Oh that ring road, I haven't seen it close up but them guys and their earth-moving equipment - they just love to show their power!