Wednesday, 11 August 2010

The Centre

Alice Springs has changed quite a bit since I was last here over 30 years ago but really the town is a town like many others. But we didn't come to see the town. We came to search the surrounding countryside for plants because they've had rain here, they're close to breaking the annual record.

This is the view behind our caravan park and we have spent a bit of time exploring the vegetation there.

But today we went out to Desert Park, were there all day and came away having only seen a fraction. It's a very impressive area with paths leading through recreations of several types of inland landscapes. As you can see in this photo the park buildings have been designed to nestle into the landscape.

We found lots of plants flowering. Just a taste: Amyema maidenii, Indigofera leucotricha, Ptilotus helipteroides and Solanum quadriloculatum.

And for something different: We also went to the excellent  display of birds of prey at Desert Park. A cute Southern Boobook was a highlight.

We're here for four more days and our plan is to go north, west, east and west again. I can't wait.

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Snail said...

Looks like the rain has greened (or grey-greened) it up a bit. I hope you have good flower hunting!