Saturday, 21 August 2010


The more I learn the less I know. There are huge gaps in my knowledge of the natural world. And I'm forgetful as well so I've forgotten some of the things I know I used to know. Perhaps it would be better if I specialised, built up a supreme body of knowledge around one area, such as birds. But that would mean ignoring everything else and the world of nature is so interesting so that's not going to happen.

One day on our recent trip to Alice Springs Rosalind and I decided to have a rest (nap) after lunch to recharge the batteries. Helen, who is 'more senior' than both of us, announced that she wasn't going to be in that because she had fewer years in which to explore. What a great role model. (I still had a nap though.)

Here are some things I don't know anything about. We found minute lichens and liverworts (I think) growing in damp depressions in desert woodlands around Alice. Don't they look interesting?

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Snail said...

The more I learn the less I know.

I tell myself this is a sign of wisdom!

That's a beautiful and intriguing collection. I'm with you. I wish I knew more about ... well .. everything.