Friday, 13 August 2010

Prickly customers

Yesterday we drove north of Alice Springs as far as the Plenty Highway (flat) and today we went west to Ellery Creek (hilly). We stop numerous times to check out the vegetation and always find interesting plants, and as all three of us take photos non-stop we're having a grand old time.

It's been interesting to see that many of the plants here have developed a defence mechanism - namely sharp prickles. I've been pricked many times this week as I walk through the scrub or lean on an elbow, sit down, lie down or lean over to get a photo. The spinifex is the worst but at least the plants are spaced apart so you can usually weave a path between them but the others are innocent-looking little things that like to surprise. (I don't know what these are as yet - haven't had time to hit the books.)

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