Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Cowies Creek, again

Earlier this year I explored a creek that runs through the northern suburbs of Geelong, Cowies Creek, and blogged about it here. One statement I made in the blog came back and bit me - I said I'd be recommending the walk to the Mid-week Bird Group (of the Geelong Field Nats) so of course Polly, the leader, asked me to lead the walk:)

Today was the day. We enjoyed the good company of knowledgeable birdwatchers, lovely sunshine tempered by a very, very strong wind and about 34 species of birds in an environment that was new territory for most. In the blog I had commented on the darter that I'd found on the lake and today we found two, a pair ( or at least, a male and a female). If they choose to breed here, on the island in the trees that overhang the lake, it will be an extension of the breeding records in the Geelong area. There's the female in a likely spot, below. Something to keep an eye on. We were also delighted to find two juvenile White-necked Herons and, later, two adults flew over.

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