Monday, 26 September 2011

Brisbane Ranges

I went out to the Brisbane Ranges to look for orchids but, although there were lots of other plants flowering (see a selection below), I found very few orchids. I don't know whether I was too early, too late, looking in the wrong spots or the orchids just aren't prolific this year. I'll have to talk to have a chat to some of the 'friends' to find out - their wildflower show is on 9 October.  The only ones I could find were Nodding Greenhoods, Pink Fingers, Wax-lip Orchids and a small patch of Rabbit-ears Thelymitra antennifera.

Rabbit-ears Thelymitra antennifera

Blue Squill Chamaescilla corymbosa, white form

Soft Millotia Millotia tennuifolia

Dwarf Wire-lily Laxmannia orientalis

1 comment:

Denis Wilson said...

Nothing wrong with just afew of THOSE orchids.
Only ever seen that Rabbits Ears Sun Orchid in books.
Lovely plant.
Quality, not quantity.


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