Tuesday, 27 September 2011

A surprise visitor

'There's a baby parrot on the garden path.' So I went to investigate of course. And there he was, eating seeds from the weeds that have overtaken our gravel pathway - short-tailed with brilliant blue wings and head. I'm still wondering what it is when he turns around to show off his bright red chest. A juvenile Red-Chested Parrot. And he has an orange leg band. Definitely an escapee.

We captured him and put him in the empty chook shed while we worked out what we were going to do with him and then took him to the Jirrahlinga wildlife centre at Barwon heads. At least he'll survive there because he would have had no chance in the wild.


Anonymous said...

Weeding 0
Photography 10

Its easy to see who dictates the rules in this household.

Black Sheep (Of Weeded Garden) Warrandyte.

Snail said...

Such a little cutie. It's lucky for him that he decided to have lunch in the garden.