Sunday, 3 August 2014

Caranbirini Conservation Reserve

It would be so easy to overlook this small reserve. The entrance gives you no idea of the delights within.

We left Borroloola, drove west towards Cape Crawford and called in to the Caranbirini reserve which is half way, about 50 kms. The first surprise was a deep waterhole complete with bird hide, waterlilies and bee-eaters, finches, pygmy-geese, honeyeaters, pigeons and doves. It's an absolute delight and would be well worth spending more time there at various times of the day. If I'd known about it the day before I would have gone out there in the evening as it's only half an hour from Borroloola where we were staying.

Bird hide at Caranbirini Waterhole
Caranbirini Waterhole
Caranbirini Waterhole
The second surprise was a walk at the reserve, the Barrawulla Loop. It's about 2 km and takes you through impressive sandstone pillars up to 25 metres high. Every bend in the path opens up more beautiful formations. There are excellent information boards along the walk as well.

The reserve is also home to Gouldian Finch, Carpentaria Grasswren and various reptiles and mammals. Of course I looked carefully at the spinifex as we walked through the woodland but no Gouldians, no grasswrens. Oh well, just as I expected, so I wasn't too disappointed. A good reason to go back :)

It's a magic place. Don't miss it if you're ever in the vicinity.

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macmsue said...

Haven't heard of this place, sounds a great place to visitnext time we're up that way. Wish it was now, the warmth would be an absolute delight.