Sunday, 10 August 2014

Kata Tjuta

It's unavoidable. We've been to see the fabulous Kata Tjuta so I have to post the cliche photos. It's a beautiful place, visually stunning.

But I did manage to take some photos of little things I found interesting. Firstly I have to confess that I had no idea that the rock here is conglomerate. Conglomerate! The whole thing is made up of boulders, rocks and stones cemented together. Imagine the time involved in that process. The original boulders have to be created in the first place and that takes eons, then they have to be covered in mud or some such and compressed over some more huge lengths of time to create rock, then the surrounding countryside has to be eroded away and then the faults in the conglomerate itself has to be eroded to create the form we see today. That all takes an unimaginable number of years.

Large rocks and stones cemented to form the conglomerate rock of Kuta Tjuta.
Stones wash or blow around in small holes left when a rock dislodges.
Eventually they smooth to rounded gravel.
Upside-down Plant Leptosema chambersii. It's in the pea family.

Meadow Argus
Tourists posing

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