Thursday, 16 July 2015

Bowra Sanctuary, Cunnamulla

We've been to Bowra before, twelve years ago when it was still a working property. Now it is owned by Australian Wildlife Conservancy and all stock has been removed (except for a few of the neighbour's sheep and a few goats). Feral cats are trapped, rabbits controlled and a new boundary fence is high on the wish list. AWC relies totally on donations and the work of volunteers, and scientific research is conducted on all of the properties they own across Australia.

We plugged in to power at the woolshed but there were other campers in the shearers quarters and the cottage, and a few hardy souls camped by the lagoon. All the campers (about 15 in all) were birdwatchers, and we all spent our days looking for birds around the campsite or out on the roads that criss-cross the large property. At breakfast I enjoyed the company of Jacky Winters, Spotted Bowerbirds, Pipits, Emus, Peaceful Doves, Little Friarbirds and Double-banded Finches and Zebra Finches.

Our camp
The lagoon near Bowra headquarters.
Each night the volunteer managers, Mike and Jane, conducted a bird call where all bird species seen during the day were recorded on a database. The elusive Bourke's Parrot was the target species (and most visitors were able to spot them) but other birds seen included nesting Red-browed Pardalote, Crested Bellbird, Square-tailed Kite, Painted Honeyeater, Chestnut-rumped Thornbill, Spotted Bowerbird, Bustard ... and about 80 other birds.

It's a great spot with a variety of habitats, and about a million kangaroos and emus. That might be an exaggeration.

Hop bush seed capsules?

Pink Cockatoo
Pink Cockatoo
Spotted Bowerbird's bower
Small fish in a bore drain (they're almost transparent so ignore their shadows).
Red-capped Robin
Yellow-billed Spoonbills perched on one leg (each).
Sawpit Lagoon
Square-tailed Kite


Jo Featherston said...

Stunning photographs!

Lorraine Phelan said...

Thanks Jo. It's a fascinating spot and the camera got a bit of a workout. And it's large - about 20km from the front gate to the back fence.