Sunday, 5 July 2015


Sometimes (often?) I'm appalled at my ignorance.

I had no idea that Tocumwal was the biggest aerodrome in the southern hemisphere in World War II. It must have been an amazing sight, and amazingly noisy, when the trainee pilots were flying all over the local countryside. We went out and had a look at several huge hangers that still exist near the present aerodrome. They're on private property now but must be positively cavernous inside and we wondered if the farmer uses them for storage. 

WW2 aircraft hanger, Tocumwal
But I digress. I really wanted to chat about the Murray River. This section of the river has some beautiful sandy beaches and I was really pleased to see the amount of debris in the river. Fallen trees and branches lined the banks providing shelter for fish and other creatures that call the river home. 

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