Friday, 17 July 2015

Darling River

We spent some time on the Darling at Bourke today. We floated past old Coolibah trees that have had their roots exposed by fast-flowing floodwaters, under the beautiful old Bourke bridge that was designed to lift for passing river craft, around snags and past flotillas of pelicans.

Early explorers' reports about the Darling were negative and positive but it later served the early settlers well for many decades as a means of transporting wool and other produce to markets, and importing goods they needed. Unfortunately it was abused in many ways and is still recovering.

Coolibahs beside the Darling River
Old Bourke bridge
Old Bourke bridge
Exposed roots on the riverbank

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geeviclady said...

May I suggest that you don't really need to come home - just keep wandering and sending us these delightful photos for we armchair travellers :-)