Monday, 8 August 2016

Whales at Head of the Bight

After leaving Streaky Bay we travelled west through Ceduna to Head of the Bight to see the whales. The country varies from wheat paddocks to sheep grazing saltbush country, from low trees and shrubs to just low shrubs - all fascinating to see.

At this time of the year you are guaranteed a whale sighting at Head of the Bight. There was a notice at the entrance with the current count and it said there were 169 Southern Right Whales in the area so we paid our fees in the cafe and walked to the viewing platforms on the cliff above the sea. It was a warm and calm day. A White-bellied Sea-Eagle flew overhead pursued vigorously by a raven. Singing Honeyeaters called from the low vegetation. The sea was showing off its glorious colours.

Whale-viewing platforms
View east from Head of the Bight
White-bellied Sea-Eagle
And we saw whales, mothers and babies, swimming immediately below us. There must have been about 20-30 whales. There were about 30 people at the viewing platforms at the same time as us and I was surprised at how quiet everyone was. We were all enthralled.

Southern Right Whale with calf
The start of the Bunda Cliffs that stretch westwards from Head of the Bight.

A white baby whale
Mother and baby

Part of the spectacular Bunda Cliffs that stretch for over 100 kms.
Car park above the cliffs west of Head of the Bight

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