Sunday, 14 August 2016

Elachbutting Rock

There's an area between Kalgoorlie and Perth called the Eastern Wheatbelt and it has been subdivided into three regions -Wheatbelt North East, Wheatbelt Central and The Open Wheatbelt. The farmers must be very hopeful because the fields of wheat and canola look really healthy at the moment as a result of good rainfalls this winter.

We explored some of the Wheatbelt North East and the the granite outcrops in particular. We had to get off the bitumen north of Southern Cross but that was no hardship because the dirt roads are wide and in good condition. The only problems we had were as a result of our map being inadequate and the signs few but we got there without taking a wrong turn.

We camped overnight at Elachbutting Rock and shared the entire reserve with one other caravan.

Camping at Elachbutting Rock

We didn't have time to climb the rock but it would be a lovely spot to stay for a few days. As it was we were able to see some of the major features including a Rainbow Wave that some have compared with the famous Wave Rock to the south.

And I was able to find plants flowering in the sand at the base of the rock including wattles and several large patches of yellow and white and pink daisies.

Everlasting Daisy

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