Tuesday, 16 August 2016

Darling Plateau

"More than 100 million years ago a fault line fractured and the edge of the Darling Plateau gradually tilted above the subsiding western land block". That's what the information board in the park stated. If you look at the satellite view of the Perth area on Google Maps you'll see a more-or-less straight line running north south to the west of Perth, vegetated on the east and cleared on the west. That indicates the line of the escarpment.

Perth as viewed from a lookout in John Forrest NP on the Darling Plateau.
The forecast was for showers but we went up to the plateau and explored two national parks - Western Australia's first (John Forrest), and the Beelu near Mundaring. The creeks were flowing and so were the roadways after each heavy shower. In between showers I managed to photograph some flowers.

John Forrest NP

Beela NP is not very far away but the vegetation was different enough to be interesting, and we saw the Mundaring Dam (too dull in the rain to photograph) which is the source of the goldfields pipeline.

Beelu NP


Rock Fern

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