Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Venus Bay

We can see part of the Great Australian Bight from our vantage point at Venus Bay on the Eyre Peninsula. No doubt we'll see a lot more as we move west.

There are warning signs on the headland and you can see why. The whole of the clifftop is undercut by erosion. This hole in the limestone was only metres from a carpark so 'watch the kids'.

Venus Bay coastline
The ocean side of Venus Bay
 The entrance to the bay itself would be easily overlooked. It is very narrow but widens out to a large bay area. The town has turned its back on the sea and the sea winds and looks  at the more gentle bay and turns its face to sun.

Entrance to Venus Bay
Jetty, Venus Bay
 Life is a struggle on the headland, in more ways than one. The wind is strong, the spray salty, the heat extreme in summer and the soil sparse. Rainfall is low.

A very low-growing shrub that has been shaped by the wind and heat.
The small rocks and soil pockets support several other species of plant as well.

Monument on the headland
Pacific Gull
Wattle with very fleshy leaves to help is survive.
The plant looks healthy but see the big picture below.
The wind and sea drift come from right to left.
Thick fleshy leaves on a little succulent growing in the sandy limestone.
A little further from the cliff a member of the pea family was flowering.

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