Friday, 21 July 2017

A study in red (and grey)

I was tempted by delightful coastal footpath on the west bank of the Spencer Gulf at Port Augusta but I only had time to check out a short section where it wound through saltmarsh. The busy railway lines are an ever-present background because these lines head in all directions for thousands of kilometres.

Saltmarsh and mangroves, Port Augusta
From a distance the saltmarsh looks like a sea of red but actually there are a number of species. The mangroves were looking very healthy as well.

Baby Grey Mangrove
Adult Grey Mangrove (click to view large to see the pneumatophores)
None of the succulent saltmarsh species were flowering unfortunately but they are still very beautiful when looked at closely.

And this one has me puzzled as well. I have no ideas on what it might be but the spiral leaf pattern is spectacular.

And one more, green this time.

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