Friday, 28 July 2017

Niagara Dam

In 1897 Niagara Dam was built in a small rocky gully near Kookynie as a water supply for people and trains but its purpose was never fulfilled because underground water was found at Kookynie. It is now a heritage site.

Niagara Dam
We camped at Niagara Dam and walked the two signposted walks around the dam and out to the breakaway. One of the information boards promised the common Sand Goannas but of course we didn't see one, but we did see lots of flowering plants and beautiful old mallee trees.

There is an introduced species in the dam and noone knows how it got there. They are yabbies (Cherax destructor) from the eastern states and they are surviving very well.

Dam wall, Niagara Dam
A wall intended to prevent debris from entering the dam after a heavy rain event.
White Cypress

Breakaway area

Breakaway area with quartz in the drainage line. It is a goldmining area.

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