Saturday, 15 July 2017

A win win for the fish

Kow Swamp
In 2015 I wrote a blog about the dredging of creeks in northern Victoria in the past. I included a photo that my father-in-law took that shows a dredger at work.

Several months ago I was contacted by Peter, an employee of the catchment management authority, asking permission to use the photo on an information board that was being installed at Box Bridge (on Box Creek) at Kow Swamp.

We've been to have a look at what they've done near the bridge and it's very interesting.

Box Bridge location [Google Maps]

They've installed a lock for fish. Apparently it operates just like a lock for boats – the fish swim in, the gate is closed behind them, the water level rises and the fish swim out the other side into Kow Swamp. I'm a bit confused about how it actually works but it looks very impressive and I'm sure it will be effective. Obstacles such as weirs have been obstacles preventing fish migration in the past.

Fish locks, Box Bridge

Box Bridge and locks
They've also resnagged the rivers in quite a few spots. The dredging process in the past removed all the old fallen timber snags that were using as resting shelters, feeding sites and breeding shelters by fish moving up and down the rivers. 

It's a win win for the fish. They can move up and down the rivers and they have shelters and food along the way.

New information board at Box Bridge.
Resnagging site. Numerous large logs have been placed in the creeks.
A bonus of our visit to Box Bridge was the view of Mt Hope to the south. We must go and have a look one day.

Mt Hope

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Ken Bushwalker said...

This has an explanation of one way It seems that the lower section needs to be made water tight, and then it just automatically cycles every few hours.