Saturday, 29 July 2017

Malcolm Dam, Leonora

Extreme wind forced us to tuck ourselves away behind some vegetation at Malcolm Dam, away from a clear view of the water. It was late afternoon as well, so no time to explore.

Campsite, Malcolm Dam
Sunset, Malcolm Dam
But next morning I discovered that we couldn't have chosen a more perfect spot. The van was our birdhide and all around us were an abundance of Red-capped Robins, Black-tailed Native-hens, Zebra Finches, White-winged Fairy-wrens, Singing honeyeaters, Willie Wagtails and more. Such a delight. And on the dam were ducks, Black-fronted Dotterals, White-necked Herons and many more further away that I couldn't identify. The highlight was the number of native-hens - there were probably 100 within cooee of the van, feeding on the foreshore and in the scrubby vegetation.
Black-tailed Native-hens
To the west the view across the stony plain was equally impressive.

Of course I photographed all the flowering plants around as well, despite a fairly brisk breeze. If only I knew the names of what I was seeing. Sigh!

These are some of them.

Casuarina Mistletoe Lysiana casuarinae
Emu Bush.
Emu Bush.
Emu Bush


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Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos, thanks for posting.Great to hear a personal account of the area when thinking about visiting Love the wildflower pics.