Friday, 28 July 2017

Cactus Beach

Well, we didn't actually go to the famous surfing beach at Cactus Beach at Point Sinclair but we did go to Port Le Hunte which is on the eastern side of the point.

To get there we turned south off the Eyre Highway at Penong with caravan in tow. At Penong we asked a local bloke what the road was like and he said "It's corrugated mate but if you travel at 60 you'll skim over the top". So we took a chance and discovered the road was smooth all the way!

One of the famous Penong windmills (and a crane for hire).
The scenery was spectacular all the way. First the gypsum harvest fields, then a band of sand dunes on the horizon and then a lake, divided by our road, that had a faint tinge of pink but apparently can be very pink. As we got closer the lakes reflected the sand dunes and the sky and the vegetation very beautifully. We saw a number of little wading birds beside the road.

Slow Down - 40 - Slow Birds

Then we came to a sign indicating that the road ahead was very steep so we asked a local bloke who said he thought we would be OK with our caravan so we ventured forward and to our surprise found, after a gentle incline, a most delightful sheltered harbour. There is a shark net to create a safe swimming area, a jetty, a picnic shelter and a view to more sand dunes and cliffs. Our lunch break there was rather longer than we had planned. Cactus Beach will wait for another day.

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