Thursday, 20 July 2017

Chenopods and more

You can't really avoid Port Augusta when you're traversing the southern part of the continent but it's worth stopping and spending some time exploring.

It's right at the head of Spencer Gulf and Matthew Flinders wasn't impressed with the area when he was here in 1801. "No person shall have occasion to come after me to make further discoveries" he wrote to Banks.

But I was impressed. The saltbush and other chenopod species cover the plains, interspersed with daisies, grasses and other interesting plants. Mangroves line the banks and as a backdrop the light changes the colour of the Southern Flinders continually.

The head of Spencer Gulf, Port Augusta

A long train moving south

Cemetery in the saltbush, Port Augusta West

Cemetery in the saltbush, Port Augusta West

Grey (White) Mangroves on the gulf

Arid Botanic Gardens, Port Augusta

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