Thursday, 24 August 2017

A post for Nan

Time to post an explanation for the pause in posts.

Last week were staying with my cousin Diane and her husband Stewart at Capel (between Busselton and Bunbury), reminiscing about the fact that we were staying there 12 months ago when we heard that my father had died and consequently had a quick drive back home across the Nullarbor.

We had a lovely day with Diane and Stewart exploring the coastline around the Margaret River area down to Augusta and next day packed up to leave for Albany and Esperence before heading back to Victoria mid-September. But it was not to be. We heard that morning that Phil's mother, Shirley Phelan, had died. So once again we had a quick drive back across the Nullarbor to Kerang.

Yesterday was a beautiful day in northern Victoria and we held a small family ceremony, complete with bagpipes, at the Mitiamo Cemetery in the Terrick Terrick National Park, a cemetery in the middle of a beautiful forest of Murray Pines and eucalypts, native grasses, daisies and lillies. Then we had a service at the Kerang Uniting Church that was filled with friends and family from afar, united by our love and respect for a delightful 92-year-old lady. I've blogged about Shirley and the Alford family several times and you can find the links here and here and seach for in the side panel of the Backtracking blog.

So, the photos on this post are from our visit to the Cape Leeuwin and Margaret River areas.

Public art on the coast at Margaret River

Fungi in home garden, Capel

Storm aftermath. Huge piles of seaweed on beach at Capel.

Capel beach

Busselton jetty

Canal Rocks

Canal Rocks

Drone, Canal Rocks

Margaret River

Margaret River

Cape Leeuwin

Cape Leeuwin. Bluebottles washed up in storms.

Cape Leeuwin

Cowaramup feature cows in their main street

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Jo Featherston said...

Sorry to hear about your mother-in-law. A sad coincidence. Love the beach lady!