Friday, 11 August 2017

Lesueur National Park

A few kilometres inland from Jurien Bay is Lesueur National Park. It was gazetted in 1992 after a community backlash against plans to mine the area. It includes two mesas, Mount Lesueur and Mount Michaud, and supports over 900 species of plants. The park is named after Charles-Alexandre Lesueur a natural history artist aboard the Naturaliste on Hamelin's 1801 expedition.

We visited the park about ten years ago and at that time I was overwhelmed by the stunning variety of plants and their amazing flowers. This time we were just a few weeks early to see the plants at their best but I still found a number of beauties. The shrubby heath (called Kwongan) is almost of uniform height.

View over the Kwongan from the road south to Lesueur NP.

Banksia Track, Lesueur NP.

Mt Lesueur, a flat-topped mesa.

Darwinia virescens
My hero walked back to the car to get my hat while I kept on photographing.


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Jo Featherston said...

Superb shots, and what a good man you have there. I guess it was something to do while waiting for you.