Wednesday, 9 August 2017


We've been in Geraldton a couple of days, catching up with housework and maintenance. The weather was warm and calm.

We've been here before and like the town. They have a fantastic museum that, among other things, tells the story of the Batavia, The memorial to the Sydney is the best memorial I've seen. And ongoing work and public art along the foreshore is very attractive.

A replica of the longboat that sailed from the wreck of the Batavia in the Abrolhos Islands to Jakarta with 47 people on board. All survived.

We left Geraldton as storm clouds gathered and the wind picked up. Within half an hour it was a gale. Luckily we hadn't planned to visit the fantastic heritage buildings at Greenough as we've been there before.

The famous leaning trees along the coast at Greenough. They are River Gums Eucalyptus camaldulensis browbeaten by years of strong winds.

Our safe haven at 'Westernflora', Eneabba with wind and rain but we're not on the coast.

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