Friday, 4 August 2017

Little Lagoon, Denham

I've learned another new word. Birrida. It's a word used in the Shark Bay area for a shallow rounded depression or salt clay pan between sand dunes.

After sea levels rose several thousand years ago some of the birridas were inundated. Today we saw a beautiful example near Denham at Shark Bay. It's called Little Lagoon and is connected to the sea by a short mangrove-lined inlet.

Little Lagoon, Denham
White Mangroves line the inlet to Little Lagoon, Denham

Mangrove pneumatophores

White Mangroves

But it was extremely disappointing to see the damage being done by vehicles on the beach and along the inlet. In Victoria we're not allowed to drive on the beaches thankfully so we don't see this type of condoned vandalism.

Nicholson Point, Denham

Inlet to Little Lagoon, Denham