Sunday, 13 August 2017

Moore River NP

We stopped for a lunch break at a roadside stop on the Brand Highway, within the Moore River National Park. As usual I went for a little wander and discovered there was a powerline reserve nearby, a linear cleared area that was easy to walk along. I found numerous flowering plants and would think it is a marvellous spot at its peak flowering season. One of the best. Our lunch hour became two.

Anigozanthus humilis Catspaw


Bossiaea eriocarpa Brown Pea

Caladenia flava Cowslip Orchid

Conostephium pendulum Pearl Flower

Eremaea brevifolia

Eriostemon spicatus Pepper and Salt

Hovea pungens



Pityrodia bartlingii  Wooly Dragon

Tinsel Lily


Jo Featherston said...

Fabulous photos as usual, and the weather doesn't look too bad in them either but of course a bit of sun doesn't always equate to warmth and calm. Do you have books to identify the birds and plants or do you just know them?

Lorraine Phelan said...

I have one book and limited internet data so my research options are limited. I can identify to genus level sometimes but mostly I'm way out of my comfort zone. The plants are amazingly diverse and interesting.