Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Parachilna to Leigh Creek

After leaving the Flinders Ranges behind we turned north at Parachilna and headed for Leigh Creek. We decided to book in to a lovely little caravan park on the edge of the mining town so we could restock the pantry and reorganise the car and the van before we headed up the track. And then we booked in another night because it was a lovely warm day and we were very comfortable after a few days of discomfort. Tomorrow we move on.

The road from Parachilna runs more or less parallel to a railway line all the way. The trains carry brown coal from the mine here at Leigh Creek 250 kms south to a power station at Port Augusta. Apparently the train is nearly three kilometres long and it would be great to see one one pass through but I haven't been able to find out a likely timetable so it would have to be by chance.

We also visited the surprising Aroona Dam just south of Leigh Creek. It's tucked away in a spectacular rocky landscape and has several picnic areas with beautiful views. We boiled our kettle here and stayed a while enjoying the warmth of the sun before moving in to town. A Peaceful Dove called from the tree above and the water mirrored the surrounding landscape.

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Anonymous said...

So different to Geelong. Were your cheeks burning yesterday ? John K. even had his map book out checking up on your whereabouts !