Monday, 21 July 2014

Litchfield NP: Part 1

It was a surprise to me that the reason Litchfield National Park has waterfalls and rock pools (that thousands of tourists each year find so attractive) is that it's a sandstone plateau and water falls. I just hadn't thought it through but it makes sense. The waterfalls continue to run throughout the dry season because the sandstone gradually releases water that it has absorbed during the wet season.

There are many hectares of dry woodland on the plateau but the vegetation along the numerous watercourses is lush and beautiful. In my next blog I'll post some photos of the vegetation but in this blogpost I'm highlighting the waterfalls and rockpools.

Buley Rockhole
Buley Rockhole
Lower Cascade Falls
Florence Falls
Florence Falls
Tolmer Falls
Sign at one of the numerous creek crossings.
Human visitors only swim in designated areas that have been monitored for crocs.
Wangi Falls
Wangi Falls
Wangi Falls at sunset, after all the swimmers have left.
Be Crocwise


macmsue said...

Ahhh I remember how lovely and warm it was at those rockpools, wish I was there now. Your photos are great.

Ken said...

Worth waiting around for the sunset photo of Wangi Falls. A lot of the crocodile safety is dependent on how difficult it is for the crocodile to climb up the waterfall. I assume in the wet season they will move into the flooded areas away from the creek and ascend where it is less steep.